Andie (Joan) Ault Harvey

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Residing In Vista, CA USA
Occupation Retired! :-)
Children Kate, 7/7/77 and Laura, 2/8/80. 5 grandkids.

Went to U.C. Santa Barbara, got a B.A. in English; teaching credential at SDSU; administrative credentials at Pepperdine University and U.C. Irvine; M.S. in Education Administration at Pepperdine. Married Steve Harvey (not the comedian), had two daughters (see above), continued in my career, and did the whole 'suburban thing' in South Orange County. Spent 26 years as a teacher and administrator in public schools, 2 years as an independent consultant in gifted children's issues, and 11 years at two private universities as an administrator and core adjunct professor. I'm now *happily* retired, politically active, volunteering at a local live theatre, and training international teachers twice a year at the American Language Institute in San Diego. Life is beautiful!

School Story

I was only at Hilltop for 10th and 11th grade before having to move to Long Beach because of my dad's promotion - but I remember those two years fondly, especially all the peeps that I grew up know who you are. I especially remember the band trips when I was a Lancerette (10th) and a letter carrier (11th). [I know, I know, "One band camp..."] In high school I was pretty much a geek, and truth be told, I still have those elements.

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September 21, 2014 - Hi Andie (Joan),..You are still one of the most beautiful girls in the world!--Great seeing you & thank you for sharing wonderful photo's & stories.--Want you to know that I will never forget something you wrote earlier in the message forum about being ,,"other centered.",,,,, (excellent A +) an important goal for all of us to remember & to aim for... & Thank you for reminding us. --With respect & appreciation. Sincerely, Linda L. Keating.

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45th at La Bella

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Daughter's wedding, Nov. '13

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